Riverside State Park
9711 W. Charles, Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026
Park Office: (509) 465-5064
Park Manager: (509) 465-5065

Experiential Education

Riverside State Park offers educational programs for learners of all ages! We welcome public and private schools, home schools, Boy and Girl Scout groups, YMCAs, recreation centers, universities, civic groups, elder hostels, and the general public to participate in exploratory discovery. Park staff stand ready to provide environmental education, outdoor recreation, and heritage education lessons. To explore self-guided, please feel free to contact us for suggestions as well.

Riverside’s resources allow us to target grades K - 12, focusing on science, social studies, and physical education. Our programs integrate with elementary, middle, and high school Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) for social studies, science, math and physical education. In addition to lessons created by Park personnel, we offer existing activities from proven environmental education resources such as Project WILD, Project WET, and Project Learning Tree.

For university / college students and faculty Riverside offers a tremendous outdoor classroom and a source for the study of hydrology, biology, urban development, global warming, geology, ecology, and parks & recreation. Adults interested in continuing education and/or outdoor skills development will find that Riverside State Park keeps those pursuits at the forefront as well. Canoe and kayak clinics, ORV clinics, cycling programs, equestrian events, backpacking and bird watching opportunities abound.

Available now:

  1. Discovery Packs - rent a backpack with field guides, binoculars, activities, etc.

  2. On-site guided, interactive programs

  3. Off-site guided, interactive presentations

  4. Living history demonstrations

  5. Pre and post activities (download these Word documents below!)

  6. Loan materials - traveling trunks and videos
Math Post Fort Through Eyes
Possibles Pouch Trading Card  


  1. Teacher institutes and in-service training designed to provide strategies for integrating history, ecology, geology, teaching with artifacts

  2. Expanded service project opportunities that blend education and community partnerships
    (Build trails, create brochures, give guided tours, vegetation management.)

  3. Safety clinics involving boating, canoeing/kayaking, ORV

Scheduling and Fees

To schedule a program or to learn more about Riverside State Park, contact us at (509) 465-5064. We can offer suggestions for guided and self-guided experiences. Fees for guided, interactive programs begin at $36.00.

Join us as PARTNERS IN LEARNING as we delve deeper into the five core themes of Riverside State Park: The River, People, Flora & Fauna, Geology, and Recreation. We believe that an educated user is a wise user of our parks; join the staff of Riverside State Park and the Riverside State Park Foundation as we preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources of the land we call Riverside State Park…for those who came before us and those who will follow.

Before leaving our web site, take a peek at Riverside’s Volunteer and Employment opportunities! Make parks a part of your every day!


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