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Equestrian Area

The Equestrian Area trails provide access the entire trail system at Riverside State Park for outstanding horseback riding.  All other users must yield to equestrians at all times. 

Ample facilities for unloading are available, providing easy access to the entire network of equestrian trails. The Equestrian area is located on the west side of the Spokane River, a mile north of Spokane Falls Community College, just off Government Way.  From Ft. Wright Drive, turn right on Government Way.  Turn right on Aubrey L. White Parkway, and take the next right from the Parkway into the Equestrian parking area. 

Miles and miles of scenic trail riding awaits, and don't miss the trails at Deep Creek, where additional parking and space for unloading horse trailers is available at Pine Bluff and Seven Mile Rds.  Discover Pass is required at both parking areas.

Enjoy and explore!

All trails in the Park are multi use (see "Yield" sign, left), with the exception of marked areas that prohibit bicycles and horses near the Bowl and Pitcher.   Please observe trail etiquette.

Horses on a ride

Changes at the Equestrian Area

Working with local volunteer groups and Riverside Advisory Board Members, we have come up with some quality ideas for improving what is known to most users as the Equestrian Area or Trail Town Riding Stables. Riverside State Park no longer has a concessionaire for Trail Town Riding Stables. Trail Town has been in existence at the park for many years, it has provided trail rides to the public at a low cost and given many people the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding a horse through the park for the first time. While the loss of our concessionaire will impact the availability of trail rides, it opens the door for exciting new opportunities at the park.

We are working towards improving the area for equestrian and recreational use that is in compliance with Riverside’s Land Classification and Management Plan (CAMP). The CAMP plan classifies park lands and prepares park management plans through careful analysis of resource inventories, technical information, and results of an issue based public planning process. Riverside’s CAMP plan was completed in the late 1990’s.

The recreational activities that have been occurring in the Equestrian Area will continue to be hiking, environmental education, equestrian use, bicycling on the Centennial Trail, orienteering, fishing and nature watching.

Improvements to the area can include but is not limited to:

  1. Trail improvements
  2. Primitive / equestrian group camping
  3. Improved concession area
  4. Improved water system
  5. Noxious weed control
  6. Vegetation management/ fuel reduction
  7. Arena, stabling barn
  8. Linking the park to Palisades
  9. A better connection to A.L. White, Bowl and Pitcher Overlook

If you have suggestions for improvements or if you would like to volunteer, give me a call at the Ranger Station at 509-465-5064.

Riverside State Park Manager


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