Riverside State Park
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Fisk Property

Located on the southern shore of Lake Spokane, towards the west end of the lake, the Fisk Property of Riverside State Park offers a very special experience for those who visit.

Over 600 acres of beautiful lake-shore property, including over a mile of waterfront, await those who make the difficult trek to the property or who come by boat.

REMEMBER, to protect this very precious place, PLEASE:

  • NO fires, camping, vehicle use beyond parking lot, wood cutting, fireworks, littering, etc.

  • In other words, be kind to the land. It is special. Help us keep it that way.

Those who are kind to the land will be given a big thank you. Violators will be cited.

Swimming is allowed at the Fisk Property and in Lake Spokane, but not allowed in the gain and reach of Nine Mile Falls Dam, or at the Bowl and Pitcher area due to dangerous white water. 

Always obey all signs that say "Stay Out Stay Alive".  Those signs are there because it is very dangerous to swim, fish, or paddle close to a dam. Water levels can change rapidly.

Please be careful and be aware that Riverside State Park is not responsible for accidents or injuries.

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