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Tipi at Spokane House Muzzle loader demonstration 1999. See Dale Kaiser this year as well!

Spokane House Interpretive Center

Center Hours

Saturday & Sunday
10 am - 4 pm
Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend

Call (509) 465-5064 to make arrangements for other times.

Admission is free, with donations encouraged to offset the cost of the upkeep of the facility and to help us produce better exhibits and ongoing demonstrations.

Visit the Friends of the Spokane House web site

The Spokane House Interpretive Center tells the story of Spokane House, of course. This story is not just about the oldest building in Washington State; it's about the lives of the Spokane Indians who lived here, and the first European people to meet them and live among them. The Spokane House housed several fur trappers and traders for many years, and was a poignant symbol of cultural commerce, cooperation, and the coming changes

On Highway 291 (Nine Mile Road), one-half mile north of Charles Road (the Nine Mile Falls Dam bridge). Watch for the entrance in the woods on the left.

Future Plans:
The center is not as good as it could be -- yet! The displays tell the story, but do not do justice to the fascinating history that is here. Visiting the center is a good experience, but it will be better. Live demonstrations, active participation, yes, much more to come! The photo at left shows a special event set up for a local school.

Virtual Tour: by clicking through each step below, you will visit the majority of the displays at the Spokane House interpretive center. The steps do not give you all of the detail found in the displays, only a taste of what the displays entail. The photos will take about 30 to 40 seconds to load (at 28.8), and about 15 - 20 seconds at 56.6,  for each step. The virtual tour also does not include the friendly park interpreter. Come visit the center to get the full experience and to study the details.

First Displays
Spokane Sinker/ Fort Axe head
Fur Trade
Fort Artifacts
The Gun
View from main window



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